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Season 3 Finale – The Ultimate Nerdament 309

Stanley & JAX wrap up this season of The Ultimate Nerdament with a look back at some of the funny stuff that happened while filming at Stan Lee’s Comikaze. Thanks to everyone who talked to us and thanks to you for watching. If you’d like to see Season 4, please let World of Heroes know!…

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Princess Leia vs. Chewbacca – The Ultimate Nerdament 306

It’s time for the second, second round match-up in the ‘Which Star Wars Character Would You Rather Be?’ Nerd-ament! Princess Leia takes on Chewbacca in one for the ages! Only one of these characters will be able to move on to the finals and face Yoda! Who wins? Watch and see!

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Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Yoda – The Ultimate Nerdament 305

The ‘Which Star Wars Character Would You Rather Be?’ Nerd-ament moves into the second round and the decisions just get tougher! The first match in the second round pits Jedi master against Jedi master! Obi-Wan Kenobi versus Yoda! Only one will make it through to the finals and we let the fans decide! Watch now…

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