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Season 2 Finale!

The second season of The Ultimate Nerd-ament comes to a close with a fond look back at all the fun we had while filming it! Join Stanley & JAX as they take a look at some of the funniest moments that happened during our shoot that didn’t quite make it into the episodes. Will there…

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The Ultimate Nerd-ament debuts on World of Heroes TOMORROW!

This is it!  It’s Nerd-ament Eve!  Tomorrow, our show launches on Stan Lee’s World of Heroes!  And we are so excited, and honored, that none other than Stan Lee himself dropped by to weigh in on The Ultimate Nerd-ament!  Wait until you hear his responses!  It all happens tomorrow!  Now, we don’t know exactly what…

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2 days until the launch of The Ultimate Nerd-ament!

The excitement is high!  We are just two days away from the moment when you get to experience the first episode of The Ultimate Nerd-ament on Stan Lee’s World of Heroes!  We were honored to get to speak to none other than Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel (or a reasonable facsimile) at Comikaze and she weighed…

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3 Days! 3 Days away from The Ultimate Nerd-ament!

The Ultimate Nerd-ament debuts in just 3 short days and we are so excited!  Are you ready?!  This Stormtrooper from Star Wars sure is!  She was a fantastic guest on the show and just wait till you hear her opinions on the superpowers in the Ultimate Nerd-ament!  It’s all only 3 days away!  

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4 Days Away from the debut of The Ultimate Nerd-ament!

As we said before there was a lot of great cosplay at Comikaze, but this guy went all out!  He really committed to the Wolverine cosplay and he could easily pass as Hugh Jackman!  Wait until you hear his answers to our questions when the Ultimate Nerd-ament debuts in just 4 short days!  Make sure…

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5 Days until the debut of The Ultimate Nerd-ament!

In only 5 days, you’ll get to see all the fun we had at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles!  There was so much great cosplay and one of our favorites was this great couple dressed as Rogue and Gambit!  Just wait until you hear their answers for the Ultimate Nerda-ment!  It’s only 5…

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