About Did This Happen?
Did This Happen?
 is the brainchild of Grant Baciocco, the co-creator and head writer of the popular, family friendly podcast The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd. It was created to open a dialogue between children and their teachers about famous historical figures and moments. Our listeners are encouraged to do their own research into the people and events presented in this show and answer for themselves…Did This Happen?Theme Music by Kevin MacLeod. CLCIK HERE to subscribe to Did This Happen? with iTunes.

Did This Happen? EPISODE #152 “Signing Of The Declaration Of Independence Part II!”
A year later, we take a peek back in on the Founding Fathers and see if they've gotten any further i [more]
Did This Happen? EPISODE #151 “The Wright Brothers!”
The Wright Brothers were adults when their careers started to soar, but what were they like as kids? [more]
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There's some debate as to whether or not Benjamin Franklin actually conducted his famous kite/electr [more]
Did This Happen? EPISODE #149 “Hyman Lipman!”
Hyman Lipman registered the first patent for a pencil with an attached eraser. Well, he did as soon [more]
Did This Happen? EPISODE #148 “The Roanoke Colony!”
There are several theories as to what happened to the people of The Roanoke Colony. We explore one t [more]
Did This Happen? EPISODE #147 “The Hartlepool Monkey!”
Legend has it that during the Napoleonic Wars, the residents of Hartlepool in England once put what [more]