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The Ultimate Nerdament

Brimstone – CONversations with Stanley & JAX 205

Stanely & JAX talk with Brimstone about all his various projects including the work he does with the Stan Lee Foundation. Find out more about Brimstone at his website CONNECT WITH US Web – Twitter – Facenook – ©2016 Saturday Morning Media –

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CHIPS star Larry Wilcox – CONversations with Stanley & JAX 203

Larry Wilcox became a superstar when he took on the role of John on the hit television series CHIPs. We were lucky to grab a few minutes with Larry at Comikaze and asked him about motorcycles, getting tickets and his non-profit organization. Find out more about Larry at ©2016 Saturday Morning Media –

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Phil Lamarr – CONversations with Stanley & JAX 201

You know him as Marvin in Pulp Fiction, you know his voice from cartoons such as Futurama!, Justice League Unlimited, Family Guy, Samurai Jack and countless other animated films, you know him from his stage work on The Pee Wee Herman Show and The Black Version, now get to know him as himself, Phil Lamarr!…

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Season 3 Finale – The Ultimate Nerdament 309

Stanley & JAX wrap up this season of The Ultimate Nerdament with a look back at some of the funny stuff that happened while filming at Stan Lee’s Comikaze. Thanks to everyone who talked to us and thanks to you for watching. If you’d like to see Season 4, please let World of Heroes know!…

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Yoda vs. Chewbacca – The Ultimate Nerdament 307

This is it!  It all comes down to two final contestants in the ‘Which Star Wars Character Would You Rather Be?’ Nerdament!  Jedi master vs. Wookie!  Yoda vs. Chewbacca!  Only one can win!  Tune in a see who takes the crown!

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Princess Leia vs. Chewbacca – The Ultimate Nerdament 306

It’s time for the second, second round match-up in the ‘Which Star Wars Character Would You Rather Be?’ Nerd-ament! Princess Leia takes on Chewbacca in one for the ages! Only one of these characters will be able to move on to the finals and face Yoda! Who wins? Watch and see!

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