Since 2005, entertainer Grant Baciocco has brought his particular brand of holiday insanity to the web in the form of the family friendly video podcast: Grant’s Advent Calendar Podcast! Join Grant every year starting December 1 as he finds out what’s in his advent calendar in daily video updates that countdown the days ’till Christmas!

Before 2005 (starting in 2003) Grant chronicled the opening of his Advent Calendar in still photos posted to his blog. View the calendar for 2003 & 2004 on


Grant’s Advent Calendar 2009 Video Podcast – Promo #002

4 years. 100 doors. The new season begins on December 1, 2009. Be there!

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ADVENT 2004 DAY #022

Today I enlisted the aid of my mom’s $3500 cat to
help me open my advent calendar.

Come on Jamani, hop up here to help

Okay, you


Ready to see what it

Look a PUZZLE!