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Grant’s Advent Calendar 2010 Video Podcast – Outro

Thanks for another great Advent Calendar Season! Hope you had a Happy Holidays and a great new year! See you in 2011!

‘Christmas Brought Me You’ By Jody WhitesidesBuy The Album or Download it From iTunes!

©2010 Grant Baciocco

5 Responses to Grant’s Advent Calendar 2010 Video Podcast – Outro

  1. Only one? Okay here’s my top 5; which doesn’t mean there weren’t others I loved.
    5. #3 The ironing board gag, like I said before, makes my inner 3 year old giggle.
    4. #2 Heavy metal Advent Calendar. I loved the voice joke.
    3. #14 I haven’t seen Lolly before, but she looks like a really fun puppet.
    2. #19 You all did a such a great job, and simply this: “I’ll unhinge your tinges!” “Clean his carpets while he’s gone..” LOL!
    1. #24 With you being sick; the zombie idea worked sooo well!

    I look forward to next year, Grant! Hope I can see Flying Toasters again sometime soon somewhere in the LA area.

  2. Great job as always Grant. The flu curtailed you a bit at the end, but I liked the zombie bit. I thought the iron board gag was great, and was happy to see the Lego count gimmick, but my top 3 were:

    1. Aha video – Just an awesome concept and executed beautifully…well visually, maybe not audibly.

    2. Weather forecast – Yeah for green screens! Great job incorporating the contest announcement and the other advent calendars into the video.

    3. Wrestling promo – Naturally I would enjoy a wrestling promo, and I’m glad anytime your wrestling geekiness makes it to a podcast. 🙂

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